Whistler E-Bike Tours - The easiest way to discover Whistler is on a Stromer electric bike. There are more than 70 km of paved and well maintained trails to enjoy the beauty of this valley surrounded by the mountains.

Ashley Conrad the owner of Whistler E-Bike Tours sais "These Swiss Electric Bikes are works of Art, truly the most impressive mode of transportation for one. Once you ride one you will own one".

BodyFloat™ is a unique and revolutionary isolation seatpost. BodyFloat™ is so functional, efficient, effective... and it simply works better than anything out there!

Now available online at swissborn.com, or place your order at our shop in North Vancouver.

Securiguard in Vancouver BC just received their first Stromer for use in patrols. Looks fantastic!!!

Many companies have already discovered the Stromer as a head turner, advertising medium and tool. When do you ride the Stromer? Our advisors would be happy to inform you about opportunities and are looking forward to hearing from you. Do you really want miss that attention for your business or for yourself? Regarding Securiguard, they will get the attention in full with their Stromer bikes.

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My wife and I discovered electric bicycles several years ago as a way to help our environment and find a new way to make our 20-mile (32 km) round-trip commutes in San Diego, CA. We had looked into electric cars and even considered doing our own conversion, but we had decided the technology and costs were not for us.

Now, as seasoned electric bike riders, it is a pleasure to know...Read more...

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December 27, 2012 - The biggest misconception about e-bikes is the argument 'The e-bike is only for elderly people'. With an e-bike you are able to ride faster as a regular bike and this without sweat, perfect for commuting. Even for recreation therapy or daily workout can an e-bike be used well. It is also for less sporty people who want to exercise more or people who live in a hilly area. As a result, e-bike use helps to reduce the general cost of the health system. Read more...